Clean Power Plan Could Create Boom in Tenn. Valley Tech Industry

TENNESSEE VALLEY (WAFF) – In the past several years, utility companies have started to move away from coal, opting for cheaper natural gas.

On Monday, President Obama’s Clean Power Plan highlighted the government’s commitment to renewable energy, and showed power companies that they will profit from their investments.

Daniel Tait, with Energy Alabama says there’s still a lot of unknowns surrounding President Obama’s plan, like, what will this mean for your electric bill?

“Until we really learn about what the state of Alabama will be able to do at the state level we don’t necessarily know a whole lot just yet for local consumers or local residents.”

However, he sees the plan as an opportunity for growth in the tech industry in the Valley.

“If we’re looking at technological development in these industries, it could be a huge boom for our area to really try and take advantage of that,” said Tait.

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