Community Collaborative Launches the North Alabama Building Performance Challenge to Save Energy, Money, Create Jobs.

Huntsville, Ala. – Energy Alabama, Energy Huntsville, and Avion Solutions, Inc. announce the formation of the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge (NABPC) to reduce energy consumption in participating commercial buildings across Huntsville. The NABPC will use a process of energy benchmarking, auditing, and substantive energy-efficiency upgrades of university, hospital, and commercial buildings as a means of freeing up business capital for more productive uses, stimulating growth for communities, fostering new business opportunities, and creating a more sustainable footprint. Initially, over 100 buildings will be participating in the challenge, with broader participation expected over the next few years.


[wc_testimonial by=”Randy Buckner, Director of Research and Development for Avion Solutions, Inc.” position=”center”]“This initiative will provide the local community the ability to realize the benefits of energy efficiency through established energy benchmarks and focused energy improvements with real ROIs. Avion has already realized a 50% improvement with an ROI in the first year!”[/wc_testimonial]

The NABPC aims to support the Department of Energy’s goal of helping businesses save nearly $40 billion annually in energy costs, enabling them to grow, invest in new technology, and create American jobs. Financial savings and improved building efficiency are just a few of the benefits to property owners and building operators involved in the effort.

The NAPBC will unite the public sector with the business and nonprofit communities to carry out substantive building upgrades toward the goal of improving participating buildings’ energy performance a minimum of 20 percent by 2020. The effort is already underway with a voluntary benchmarking initiative for Huntsville’s commercial buildings.

About the Energy Alabama

Energy Alabama is accelerating the transition to sustainable, clean energy throughout Alabama. We do this by widely promoting sustainable energy as a feasible, state-wide goal, by executing high-impact clean energy projects across the State, and by providing people with information and opportunities to help make clean energy choices. We work with policy makers, public agencies, local governments, educational institutions, utilities, business and civic leaders and individuals to transform Alabama’s energy marketplace and beyond. ALCSE is committed to powering Huntsville with 100% clean and efficient energy by 2025 and Alabama by 2035.

About the Energy Huntsville Initiative

Energy Huntsville is a nonprofit collaboration of more than 100 businesses, federal agencies, universities, and other organizations focused on facilitating the innovation, education, and coordination needed to drive our community’s energy economy.  Energy Huntsville contributes to the diversification of the region’s research and test portfolio, workforce, and economy by linking the engineering, modeling and simulation, testing, and technology strengths of the North Alabama region with key customer requirements and national policy directives for advanced energy systems and applications.

About Avion Solutions, Inc.

Avion is a small business located in Huntsville, Alabama and provides engineering and logistics services to key customers in the federal sector.  Avion is a Sponsoring member of the Energy Huntsville Initiative and has been selected to develop the plan to add the Huntsville community into the DOE Better Buildings Challenge.  Avion is committed to energy efficiency and as an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager participant, has demonstrated a 50% increase in their ENERGY STAR score in the first two years of their energy focused activity.

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