Petition: Demand TVA Commit to 100% Clean Energy

Sign the Petition to TVA: Commit to 100% Clean Energy


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The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is moving forward on a plan to add new and unnecessary gas power plants, despite gas being uneconomic for customers and President Biden\’s recent Executive Order targeting 100% carbon free electricity by 2035.

TVA generates just 4% of its electricity from solar, wind and energy efficiency. The utility plans to emit more than 34 million tons of carbon dioxide a year by 2038, according to its own projections. TVA is set to retire less than a quarter of its current coal fleet by 2030, and recently announced plans to expand fossil fuel operations at two dirty gas plants.

TVA\’s actions jeopardize the utility\’s long-term outlook as local power companies face rate spikes and diminished access to lower cost, cleaner energy.

Instead of moving to clean, renewable energy, TVA is doubling down on its old business model of large, central station power plants powered by expensive fossil fuels.

There was a time when TVA led the country on clean energy development and earned its place as the nation\’s iconic federal utility, but their continued reliance on non-renewable energy sets them further and further behind, threatening the agency\’s very existence.


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\”TVA once led the country on clean energy development and earned its place as the nation’s iconic federal utility. It’s well past time for TVA to again set the federal example and get back to work for everyone in the Valley.”




Read more comments for the Feb. 11, TVA Board meeting regarding the urgent need for the TVA to align its planning goals with 100% carbon free power.

TVA must step up and once again lead the way on a rapid transition to 100% carbon free energy.

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