Join us in empowering the next generation of clean energy champions as we give the gift of clean energy education kits to students across Alabama. To kick things off, we’ve partnered with Free2Teach, a nonprofit organization that provides free school supplies to students in Madison county’s three public school districts. 

These kits provide engaging and hands-on activities that introduce students to the world of clean energy, teaching them about renewable energy sources, energy conservation strategies, and the environmental impact of energy consumption.

Kits will include enough supplies for individual students in each class. With approximately 25 students per Alabama classroom, we have the chance to empower 7,500 elementary and middle school students with clean energy education.

Help us reach our goal of providing 300 clean energy education kits to classrooms across Alabama! Your contribution, no matter the size, will make a lasting impact on the future of our planet and empower students with the tools they need to become good stewards of our environment.

Donate today and ignite the spark of clean energy in our future leaders!

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