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Energy Alabama was founded in 2014, as a response to the tornadoes of 2011 that devastated much of Alabama. Much of the state was devastated and without power for days. Some places were without power for weeks.

We are a nonprofit membership-based organization that has advocated for clean energy in Alabama since 2014. Our work is based on two pillars: education and advocacy.

When you know better, do better.


Education Programs

Lesson Plans are available for grades K-5 teaching a variety of topics surrounding sustainable energy and energy efficiency.
Energy in action is our high school program teaching the fundamentals of energy management. The program consists of lecture days as well as hands-on field trips and activities. (Online courses coming soon!)
Adult education courses in sustainable energy are available through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and on-demand.
our value


This is something we HAVE to do. There are immense economic, social, and environmental benefits from switching to sustainable energy.


Education Accomplishments

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Community Education Events

We actively participate in community events with an educational focus. 


Past Projects

Energy Sustainability for Tomorrow

We worked with James Clemens High School in Madison to design and build a net-zero energy tiny home, with the goal of teaching high-performance construction and sustainable energy through hands-on, project-based learning. Students took ownership of every piece of the project including design, construction, decorating, fundraising, and marketing.

Solar STEM

Solar STEM is a kit-based, collaborative learning project jointly developed with partners at Custom Manufacturing and Engineering (CME) and aligned with College and Career Ready Standards that provides real-world investigation of sustainable-energy-related concepts. For this project, students use a “Solar STEM” kit to complete specially designed lesson plans in sustainable energy. Examples of these activities include:

Past Projects

Sustainable Energy Field Trips

We hosted student groups at a Huntsville-based businesses that have taken full advantage of sustainable energy. Students were given the opportunity to see an operational 50 kilowatt (kW) solar array feeding energy to the grid, as well as view the various energy-conserving features of the building, including real-time performance data. The tour included a briefing from a Certified Energy Manager on the company’s investment in sustainable energy and why it is so important for our community’s future.

Switch Blade Competition

The Switch Blade Competition invited high school and college students to redesign and manufacture the blades of a military wind-power system originally designed for the high-speed winds of Afghanistan. The team that produced the most electricity at low speeds, which are more indicative of Alabama, won!

Want us to visit your school or learn more

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