Energy Alabama Revamps Student Membership!

Interested in sustainable energy? If so, connect with students like you across the state! 

Energy Alabama is offering free memberships to college students across the state. Joining as a student member offers the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, industry experts, and professionals advocating for green energy and environmental justice both in Alabama and throughout the country. Energy Alabama student membership provides students with the tools and resources to take part in advancing Alabama’s transition to sustainable energy.

Student membership offers access to education and advocacy opportunities, as well as other benefits including:


  • Expand your expertise in areas of interest and connect with like-minded students through Energy Alabama’s Discord server
  • Gain an exclusive invitation to student membership events in your community


  • Take part in monthly online seminars to connect with and learn from top environmental and energy professionals across the state
  • Have industry job and internship opportunities sent directly to your inbox
  • Boost your resume and advance your leadership skills as a volunteer for Energy Alabama’s community initiatives


  • Learn of all the latest industry news from within Alabama and across the U.S. in a monthly newsletter designed specifically for Student Members
  • Kickstart your student membership journey with a free copy of the Student Member’s Quick Guide to Sustainability

Action on clean energy cannot wait. We believe that students represent the rising leaders of the environmental and energy movements in Alabama. Joining Energy Alabama as a Student Member will provide you with the community, skills, and resources that will allow you the opportunity to actively advance the sustainable energy infrastructure that our state’s future so desperately depends on. 

Join Energy Alabama today by applying under the Student Membership tab!

Sustainable energy matters to us all.

Clean and sustainable energy is Goal 7 in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. If you are interested in sustainability, the energy transition should be at the forefront of your mind. Equitable access to clean and sustainable energy is vital to the development of business, transportation, communications, education, and healthcare. Lack of access to energy hinders development. Lack of access to clean energy only advances inequities.

Students getting the chance to be hands-on with solar panels on their campus.

Who is Energy Alabama?

Energy Alabama is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in 2014. The mission of Energy Alabama is to provide public education and outreach on issues that will advance the adoption of clean energy in our state. Energy Alabama has four core values: Equity, Markets, Sustainability, and Common Cause. The energy transition lies at the intersection of public health, economics, and politics. We believe that any change in energy policy must be rooted in economic, social, and environmental benefits for all Alabamians. 

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