Our Values

Energy Alabama places 4 values at the core of every decision we make, and every issue we engage. They are:

  1. Equity
    Alabama sordid past is rife with inequity. The mere mention of the state’s name outside Alabama projects images of racial tension and poverty. We are acutely aware of the challenges unique to Alabama and much of South with respect to any policy change. Any change in energy policy must be rooted in improving economic, social, and environmental benefits for all Alabamians.
  2. Markets
    Alabama is a conservative state with deeply held beliefs that the market can solve social and economic problems. We agree and intend to use the power of the market both to negotiate our positions and also to scale the solutions. We do, however, recognize that the market cannot solve all societal ills and must be properly regulated.
  3. Sustainability
    Alabama’s perennial struggle is one of poverty. Sustainability, while traditionally only referred to in an environmental sense, means much more. Truly sustainable policy changes also improve family conditions, public health, and economic development. Any change in energy policy must improve the economic, social, and environmental positions for all Alabamians and the policy itself must be sustainable.
  4. Common Cause
    The basic requirement for a successful policy is to recognize divergent views on important issues. Basic values in the policy must include:

    1. A recognition that reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, both domestic and imported is critical to our national and economic security
    2. Reliable, plentiful, sustainable, and affordable energy and its effective distribution are vital to the support and growth of all sectors of Alabama’s economy
    3. Recognizing and providing support for rural based energy solutions.  The future energy needs of the state present unique opportunities to diversify the state’s energy supply and technology and provide new opportunities for agriculturally based products and Alabama based clean energy solutions.
    4. Successful energy strategy requires a collaboration among Alabama stakeholders. The interests of utilities, local power companies, cities, municipalities, landowners, business owners, and others must be recognized. This is the heavy lift for any sustainable policy, but it is work that must be done.

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