We advance sustainable energy in the community by advocating for better policy. We work on your behalf with cities, counties, utilities, and the state of Alabama.

What does this mean?

This means that we are there for you, when you can\’t be. We are there at community meetings, talking with your political representatives and energy-policy makers, and fighting for sustainable energy.

We focus on advocacy to make it easier and more equitable to save energy and install renewable energy. Today many policies and laws block the deployment of sustainable energy in Alabama. We think that\’s wrong. And we are working to change it. People have a right to make improvements to their property and should have a choice about where their energy comes from.

We focus on policies that build Alabama up, step by step, to achieve a future of sustainable energy for all. No matter where in Alabama you live. Read more about our policy stances.

Energy Alabama advocates for:

  • Passing bills, executive actions, and ordinances that support the growth of sustainable energy.
  • Growth in actions taken by the public on issues we engage.
  • Joining with new non-traditional allies on issues of interest.

Energy Alabama only advocates for policies that are:

  • Economic
  • Socially equitable
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Market based

Read more about our values.

What we\’ve accomplished through advocacy

  • Guaranteed that customers of Alabama Power, Huntsville Utilities, Florence Utilities, among others, would not have power disconnected or be charged late fees during COVID-19.
  • Served on TVA’s 2019 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) committee winning major concessions to boost renewables in the Tennessee Valley.
  • Secured an energy efficiency target for the City of Huntsville (1% of annual sales to support energy efficiency).
  • Requested the TVA Office of Inspector General investigate the likely misuse of customer dollars for lobbying and litigation. Further submitted report to Congress detailing our findings.
  • Secured a renewable energy target for the City of Huntsville (20% renewables by 2020).
  • Won significant alternations to a new long-term contract between TVA and its local power companies to increase the ability of local utilities to pursue local generation.
  • Obtained Executive Order 22 giving the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) regulatory authority over the implementation of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE).
  • Successfully defeated Huntsville Utilities’ 2016-2017 fixed rate increase, securing a much lower increase in the monthly fixed rate, a higher energy rate on the highest consumption tier, and an increase in energy efficiency investment for low income.
  • Served on Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Energy Efficiency Information Exchange (EEIX) advisory board which resulted in ~$5 million in TVA pilot program spending to test energy efficiency’s effect on health in the home.
  • Obtained a $100 million refund for Alabama Power customers from fuel cost overpayments.

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