Energy in Action

Energy in Action is a structured program that prepares high school students and adult learners for a career or further education in energy management.

The energy sector is facing significant workforce shortages. An estimated 62% of the energy workforce may need to be replaced by 2020. Renewable energy fields are in substantial need of qualified workers, with up to 290,000 potential new jobs projected in solar energy alone by 2030. Among the most critical jobs that will need to be replaced are engineers and skilled utility technicians.

Through the Energy in Action program, it is our goal to provide a deep understanding and working knowledge of energy management, and encourage careers in energy management.

Energy In Action Program Overview:

Energy in Action is a structured program consisting of 18 hours of instruction, including hands-on field trips and activities. High school students start in the second semester of their sophomore year by learning the basics of energy management.

Students will develop a high-level understanding and working knowledge of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and building science. Here\’s a sampling of some the topics we cover:

  • Basics of Building Science
  • Energy Efficiency and Benchmarking
  • Working with Solar Energy Systems
  • Energy Project Finance
  • Alabama Energy Code
  • Getting to Work in Sustainable Energy

The program is guided by the principals of Energy Alabama.

Want us to visit your school or learn more?

Contact us using the form below (we promise we read them!), email us at dtait@energyalabama.org, or call Daniel Tait at 256-812-1431.

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