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[wc_center max_width=\”800px\” class=\”\” text_align=\”center\”]In Alabama, we’re used to winning. It’s just a way of life down here. If you don’t know what we mean, just come for a visit any given Saturday in the fall.

But when it comes to solar energy,
Alabama is lagging behind the rest of the nation.

According to the Solar Foundation, Alabama ranks 50th out of 50 states in solar jobs per capita.[/wc_center]


In total solar jobs, we’re not doing much better –
out of 50 states, we’re 42nd.
Even worse, only 0.28% of all the electricity generated in Alabama comes from solar.


source: https://www.thesolarfoundation.org/solar-jobs-census/factsheets-2017/


[wc_center max_width=\”800px\” class=\”\” text_align=\”center\”]To use an analogy Alabamians can relate to, if solar power was college football, we’d be Vandy.

Come on, Alabama. Don’t be Vandy![/wc_center]


\"What[wc_center max_width=\”800px\” class=\”\” text_align=\”center\”]

Dollar for dollar, solar and wind are the cheapest energy sources around.

(No really, it’s true!)

But instead of seriously investing in cost-effective solar,
Alabama is still relying on old, dirty, expensive technologies to generate power.
All that’s doing is driving up your power bill.


Want lower power bills?
How about tons of new, great-paying jobs?

An investment in solar is an investment in the future of Alabama.


[wc_center max_width=\”750px\” class=\”\” text_align=\”center\”]Alabama is THE home of the hot, humid, sunny summer.

In Birmingham, there are 213 sunny days per year!

An unlimited supply of energy shines down on the entire state every day,
but we’re not taking advantage of it.

So why is Alabama so far behind in solar? [/wc_center]


[wc_heading title=\”There are plenty of reasons, but here are three major factors:\” heading_type=\”h2\” margin_top=\”\” margin_bottom=\”\” text_align=\”center\” font_size=\”\” color=\”\” icon_left=\”\” icon_right=\”\” icon_spacing=\”\” class=\”\”]

[wc_row][wc_column size=\”one-third\” position=\”first\”]

[wc_fa icon=\”dollar\” margin_left=\”\” margin_right=\”\” class=\”\”][/wc_fa]

Solar Tax

Alabama Power,
a government-backed monopoly,
charges you $5.41 per kW PER MONTH
if you produce and sell solar. That’s
~50% of your profit and that\’s crazy!
(not to mention unfair.)

[/wc_column][wc_column size=\”one-third\”]

[wc_fa icon=\”ban\” margin_left=\”\” margin_right=\”\” class=\”\”][/wc_fa]

No Energy Freedom

In Alabama, it’s practically illegal
to lease solar panels.
Sure, you can lease your car,
But solar panels? Nope.
(We know, it makes no sense.)

[/wc_column][wc_column size=\”one-third\” position=\”last\”]

[wc_fa icon=\”thumbs-down\” margin_left=\”\” margin_right=\”\” class=\”\”][/wc_fa]

Unfair Pricing

You typically pay the utility
company about 12 cents per
kilowatt hour for energy. They’ll
buy your solar for about 2 cents.
That’s pennies on the dollar
and ridiculously unfair.


\"What[wc_center max_width=\”750px\” class=\”\” text_align=\”center\”]

All across the nation, solar is the fastest-growing source
of NEW electricity generation capacity.


– Solar Costs are Falling

People Want Solar

– Supportive Policies


Most of the country is catching on.
Clean, renewable solar energy is both sustainable and financially sound.

Now it’s time for Alabama to get on board.

Are you in?[/wc_center]

[wc_heading title=\”Here\’s a few things you can do to promote the use of solar energy in Alabama\” heading_type=\”h1\” margin_top=\”\” margin_bottom=\”\” text_align=\”center\” font_size=\”\” color=\”\” icon_left=\”\” icon_right=\”\” icon_spacing=\”\” class=\”\”]

[wc_row][wc_column size=\”one-third\” position=\”first\”]

[wc_fa icon=\”graduation-cap\” margin_left=\”\” margin_right=\”\” class=\”\”][/wc_fa]

Educate Yourself

G.I. Joe had it right:
Knowing is half the battle.
Learn the issues. Spread the
word. Don’t know where
to start? Visit our blog!

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[wc_fa icon=\”check-square-o\” margin_left=\”\” margin_right=\”\” class=\”\”][/wc_fa]


Democracy rules! (Literally.)
Once you know which candidates
support solar, vote for them!
And while you’re at it, watch out
the corrupt power company-backed
candidates who wallow in the Montgomery swamp.

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