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Did you know there are over $50 million dollars of low hanging energy savings potential
in Huntsville commercial buildings?


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It\’s time to achieve real energy savings. Energy efficiency helps businesses save on energy costs, enables them to grow, invest in new technology, and create local jobs. Switching to renewables puts the power back into your hands and turns utilities from an expense category to a profit center. 

Energy Alabama provides technical assistance to help you get the work done and maximize your return on investment. After all, you have a business to run.

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North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge

A competition among North Alabama commercial buildings, providing targeted resources to help local building owners and operators reduce energy consumption and save money. A joint effort with Energy Huntsville, and Avion Solutions. Currently over 7,000,000 square feet of local buildings are participating.

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Mission: Net Zero

Mission: Net Zero is a project to install more than 310 megawatts of solar in North Alabama. That\’s enough to offset all small businesses in Huntsville/Madison County. Solar works. It works in Alabama. It works right now.

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