I Am a Concerned Citizen

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Economic Growth. Consumer Choice. Equity. It\’s why we advocate.


Sustainable energy isn\’t just about the environment. It is one of America\’s largest opportunities for job growth and economic development. If you’re a concerned citizen, there are a ton of ways to help realize this opportunity in Alabama.

Concerned Citizens Like You Are Interested In:

  • Openness and transparency in utility rates and ratemaking processes
  • Improving equity in energy efficiency programs
  • Removing barriers to renewable energy deployment
  • Simplifying the sharing of utility data


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Get Action Alerts

An action alert is a simple email that tells you about an action we are asking you to take. That action might be to contact your elected representatives or to post something on social media. Either way, don\’t fret! We will help you through the process so you know exactly what to do.

Sign Up for Action Alerts


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Attend a Class or an Event

Attend a class, seminar, and other event to learn more about sustainable energy and meet others working to move Alabama forward. Our fun and approachable events have reached over 20,000 residents. Most events we host are free and open to everyone!

See Current Events


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Be An Ally – Become a Member

Energy Alabama members are fighting to advance energy efficiency, solar, and all things sustainable energy. We need your membership to make Alabama a better place for everyone in state. Join today to be part of the movement. Memberships start at just $5/month!




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Register to Vote

Voting is one of the most important things you can do as a citizen. If you\’re not already registered or if you need to make an update to your information on file, get on it! Sustainable energy needs your vote.

Register to Vote Electronically




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