In 2022 alone, the three members of the Alabama Public Service Commission voted in lockstep with each rate increase Alabama Power sought – FOUR separate times!  In total, the average Alabama Power customer saw a 9.3% increase in their electric bill solely because of those four unnecessary rate hikes.

Folks, this issue is simple.  Alabama Power is a for-profit utility acting as a monopoly on providing electricity to most of our state’s 5 million citizens. The Alabama Public Service Commission is responsible for oversight, but during the past decade they have rubber-stamped approval for almost every bill increase Alabama Power sought.

For far too long, Alabama Power has enriched itself and its Wall Street investors at the expense of regular Alabamians.  Did you know that Alabama citizens pay the highest monthly electricity bills in the entire country?  The Alabama Public Service Commission turns a blind eye to these facts.

The system is designed to put big profits in the hands of Alabama Power executives – profits that you pay for every time you flip the switch.

Your Voice Matters! Stand with citizens from every corner of this state and demand that the Alabama Public Service Commission hold Alabama Power accountable to the people. It is time to lower consumer utility bills and bring runaway corporate profits under control!

Add your name to this petition and let your voice be clearly heard by Twinkle Cavanaugh, Jeremy Oden, and Chip Beeker – your elected public service commissioners, who are supposed to look out for YOUR interests!

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