Let’s Talk About Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy

Daniel TaitLet’s Talk About Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy

Daniel Tait, CEO of Energy Alabama, was recently interviewed on GASP. Take a moment to check out the interview and be sure to leave a comment or two there letting them know your thoughts.

As temps dip down into the teens this week, many people are looking for ways to simultaneously conserve energy and stay nice and warm. While conservation tips are helpful in the short-term, it’s also important to think about long-term energy efficiency measures we can all take. That way, the next time temps drop, we can enjoy a hot chocolate with our family rather than scramble to adjust ceiling fan rotation and put towels under our doors and windows.

We reached out to Daniel Tait, CEO of the Energy Alabama, for advice on energy efficiency, sustainable energy production, and other topics.

To read the full article and see what Daniel had to say about energy efficiency, please visit http://gaspgroup.org/lets-talk-energy-efficiency-clean-energy/

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