Petition to Senate: We Need Clean Energy Champions on the TVA Board

Senate: We need clean energy champion on the TVA Board

As the largest public power provider in the country, with 10 million customers, TVA should foster the kind of innovation that can make TVA carbon free, grow jobs, and reduce energy burden. An active TVA rededicated to its core mission will also push private utilities across the country to fulfill their pledges to decarbonize by 2050 or sooner.

Energy Alabama, along with 200 other organizations, is urging the members of the Environmental and Public Works Committee to verify that President Biden\’s nominations to the TVA board are committed to working with Congress and the Biden Administration to develop and implement a plan to provide 100% clean energy to the Tennessee Valley by 2030.

President Biden\’s nominees appear to bring a range of knowledge and expertise, including backgrounds in renewable energy solutions, environmental justice, and labor, to a board that has been desperately missing these voices.

Change begins now! Take action!

With the President\’s recent nominations of Kimberly Lewis, Beth Geer, Michelle Moore, and Robert Klein to the TVA Board, it is now up to the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee to make sure that these are leaders who envision TVA as a national laboratory to engineer a zero emission, distributed energy, and public power system that can serve as a model for utilities across the country.

It\’s up to the members of the Environmental and Public Works Committee to confirm that these nominees are committed to clean energy. Add your name to the petition below to ensure that these nominees share our vision of a better tomorrow.

Sign now to make sure new TVA board members are committed to clean energy.

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