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North Alabama Home & Businesses Are Saving Money with Solar.

Shouldn\’t You Be Too?

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First, you need a free solar survey. Here\’s how it works:

  1. We send out someone to snap a few photos of your property and collect some data.
  2. We estimate a solar system for you that meets your needs.
  3. We provide you with preliminary numbers so you can see the costs and benefits of going solar.

Show Me an Example Survey

What\’s included in your free solar survey:

  • Estimated cost of your solar system
  • How much solar we recommend for your property
    • Includes Google Earth view
  • Estimated tax credits, depreciation benefits, and grants available for you
  • Estimated payback and return on investment

Some of our projects started with a free survey:


Media Fusion, Inc.
Huntsville, AL


Life Data Labs
Cherokee, AL


Morrow Farm
Union Grove, AL

So, what\’s next?

Like what you see? At this point, we\’ll help you shop your solar system project to local contractors to get you the best price. Period.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization accelerating Alabama\’s transition to sustainable energy.

It\’s our mission to help as many people as possible go solar!

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Register for your survey below

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Still have questions?

Call our CEO Daniel Tait at 256-303-7773 or email him at dtait@energyalabama.org


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