Give the Gift of Sustainable Energy

Membership Makes an Excellent Gift!

Alabama is held back by monopoly utility companies that want to keep regular folks from switching to clean, renewable energy. They believe their profit is more important than you and those you love.

Together, we are taking back power. With your gift membership, you not only

With your gift of as little as $5/month you not only help sustain a long-term campaign to transition  Alabama to 100% sustainable energy, you let your loved one know that you care about their future – and give them cool stuff.

What your gift includes:

– All levels: Complimentary sticker and magnet.

– $10/month and higher: Free ticket to our annual membership event plus sticker & magnet!

– $20/month and higher: Free ticket to our annual membership event, sticker, magnet, and complimentary t-shirt of your choosing (alcse.org/store). After joining, you\’ll receive your discount code via email.


3 Pillars to 100%:

     – Education

          – Teaching students and teachers

     – Advocacy

          – Fighting for better policy

     -Technical Assistance

          – Building sustainable energy

Your contribution directly supports our mission and will be applied where it is most needed however you can direct it as you see fit.

About Us:

Energy Alabama is a non-profit organization accelerating the transition to clean, sustainable energy throughout Alabama. We accomplish our mission by educating at all levels, informing smart energy policy, building the next generation workforce, and providing technical assistance to deploy more sustainable energy. We believe in 100% sustainable energy for all.


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