U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Huntsville City Schools Join North Alabama Building Performance Challenge; Commit to 20% Energy Reduction by 2025

Huntsville, AL – Two of Huntsville’s largest community institutions, the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Huntsville City Schools, have joined the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge, committing to achieve at least 20% reduction in energy consumption within 10 years. These community organizations are reducing operating costs to deliver more resources toward their mission: Education.

The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has created a three-pronged approach to focus on energy education, displaying best practices, and social interaction. We will continue to build on this approach as a Better Buildings Challenge partner and becoming a showcase for energy excellence.

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge aims to support the Department of Energy’s goal of helping businesses save energy costs, enabling them to grow, invest in new technology, and create American jobs. Energy Alabama has identified over $50 million dollars of low hanging savings potential in Huntsville.

Huntsville City Schools aggressive approach to energy conservation targets both energy and maintenance costs.  Those savings are then reinvested back into the priority of the school district, educating the students with added resources.  Additionally, by incorporating the teachers, students, and families into the Energy Master Plan, Huntsville City Schools shares the knowledge, and best practices, with society in general to improve a future generation.

About the North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge

The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge is modeled to be part of the Better Buildings Initiative launched by the Department of Energy in February 2011 to catalyze private sector investment in making America’s commercial buildings more energy efficient. The instrumental partners in the Better Buildings Challenge include private sector companies, financial institutions, and local governments, with a coalition of partners taking the lead to move Huntsville forward. The North Alabama Buildings Performance Challenge is a joint effort of the Energy Alabama, Avion Solutions Inc., and Energy Huntsville.

About Energy Alabama

Energy Alabama is accelerating the transition to clean, sustainable energy throughout Alabama. We accomplish our mission by educating young and old alike, informing smart energy policy, and providing technical assistance to help deploy more sustainable energy. We believe in 100% sustainable energy for all.

About Avion Solutions

Avion’s Energy Solutions provides our customers lower operating costs at their facilities through reasonable measures of energy efficiency.  Our experience with, excitement for, and education about energy efficiency – led by a Certified Energy Manager – translates to immediate and future savings. We are not interested in using our services to sell you high-priced products; our interest stems from our own desire to be both fiscally and environmentally responsible and an eagerness to encourage that responsibility throughout the Huntsville commercial community.  Avion was founded in 1992 to support Army Aviation and we are using our extensive experience in support services to reach new customers.


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